ClearTheList started as a social media movement in 2019. It began as a private Facebook group for educators and quickly grew! It was founded with the intention of creating a pay-it-forward initiative to raise awareness for a lack of supplies in classrooms. The ClearTheList movement creates a national community of educators, donors, organizations, and corporations that join together to help clear supply lists that don’t fall within a school district’s budget for teachers across the country. 

#ClearTheList received the attention of hundreds of news outlets including the TODAY show, Business Insider, NBC News, Good Morning America, Fox Business, and many more national and local broadcasts. It has also received hundreds of celebrity endorsements including Jeffree Star, Khloe Kardashian, Bill Burr, Andrew Yang, Angela Kinsey, Lance Bass, Casey Donahew Band, Peter Madrigal, and hundreds more. 

Due to the success of the ClearTheList movement, ClearTheList Foundation was created and our mission is to enhance the learning of all students by partnering with other entities or individuals that want to help get students adequate and enhanced learning supplies and resources.

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