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Current Educational Status

Dear education supporter,

Now, more than any time in recent history, schools are going to look for ways outside of their budgets to support the needs of their students. Teachers will be receiving pay cuts and will still buy supplies for their students. They will not have access to professional development opportunities like before and will need organizations like ClearTheList Foundation to help support them in their efforts to supply their classrooms, learn new and relevant information through books, courses, and/or educational conferences, and they will need assistance in providing food, clothing, and hygiene items to their students. Please join us in highlighting the needs of these teachers and students and support the ClearTheList Foundation. Our mission is to enhance the learning of all students. Your contribution will not only affect teachers, but it will impact students for generations to come. To put the current affairs into perspective, not only have these issues been highlighted, but we are now seeing states break down their education budgets as they look toward the next school year. Pay cuts, budget cuts to critical areas such as teacher salary, professional development funds, supplies, and technology are happening across the nation. Now, more than in recent history, the education system will need to be bolstered by the nonprofit and corporate sectors to effectively give students the education they deserve. Here are some examples of budgeting cuts happening now. Click each hyperlink to be directed to a news article.

Washington Post

Edweek - “Earlier this week, Gov. David Ige, the Democratic governor of Hawaii, said he is considering cutting teachers' and other public employees' pay by 20 percent starting May 1.”

Idaho -

  • “Reducing classroom technology funding, from $36.5 million to $26.5 million.”

  • “Reducing the professional development training line item funding, from $22.5 million to $12.5 million.”

California - “By one projection, a 15% cut may await schools in 2020-21” Ohio - “The cuts include a $300 million reduction in K-12 public-school funding” New York - Facing $500 million in budget cuts.New York iSchoolNew York City udget

sThank you for reading through the current state of affairs regarding education and for considering making a contribution to the ClearTheList Foundation to help support these gaps in funding. For more information regarding the ClearTheList Foundation, see our site here:


Courtney Jones

Founder and Executive Director

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