Support Teachers Through ClearTheList

ClearTheList supports teachers nationwide by helping clear their back-to-school wishlists for school
supply needs. As teachers and students face a very unique back-to-school-season, it’s clear that the
supplies teachers need will also be unique.


Clorox, in partnership with ClearTheList Foundation, is donating $1,000,000 to help clear classroom items off teachers’ lists this back-to-school season. Clorox will give up to $500 per list to help equip teachers and students with the right supplies.


For more information on Clorox’s partnership or to enter its “Support Your School Sweepstakes” for a chance to win $5,000 for yourself this back-to-school season and $20,000 for your local school, visit

ClearTheList Funding Policies

We at ClearTheList Foundation believe in making the funding process as simple for educators as possible! We have detailed out all of our policies for submitting, accepting, and fulfilling a wish list classroom supply request. Please refer to the document below to make sure that you are adhering to our policies along with your specific district. 


How can I support my child’s teacher through ClearTheList?

Reach out to your teacher to encourage them to build a list on From there, you can purchase back-to-school supplies. The supplies you purchase will be shipped directly to your teacher and funds from every item purchased will go to support your local school for this back-to-school season.