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If you’re here, you’ve probably asked yourself, “How are all these people getting their lists cleared, what am I doing wrong?” We heard you, so this series of ClearTheList blog posts is designed to teach you how to receive gifts for your classroom. We’ve gathered the best tips from members who have achieved the goal of an empty list. Let us know next week how your list is doing. Today, we explore how to be successful in receiving gifts in the ClearTheList Facebook groups

Say “Thank You”

This seems like a really obvious one, but it’s the most effective. Someone clicked your link, added to cart, and used their own money to help YOU, the least you can do is show your appreciation!

  • Scan the QR code on the gift receipt if there is one

  • Tag the person in your post and include a picture

  • Even if there is no tag, make a “thank you to whoever sent this _____” post.

Make Connections

You are more likely to receive gifts from people you make connections with. Make friends and have fun with it!

  • Participate in games and advice posts

  • Understand you may get skipped occasionally

  • Find someone that shares common ground

  • BE SILLY. Let loose! Bring some humor into your fundraising.

  • Collaborate! This is a professional learning community with tens of thousands of your peers, open discussions and contribute to others.

  • Share your teaching story, share bits about your life. These are great ways to connect with other members and build friendships.

  • Use these tips to make your name recognizable in the groups. Be a familiar presence.


  • Be specific in your needs

  • Use well thought out posts, don’t make it a habit to copy and paste

  • Advocate for your fellow teachers (here’s where those connections come back!)

  • Invest in yourself, buy from your own list too

Alyssa Boyer, ClearTheList Foundation board member, former student of Texas A&M in College station, mother of two girls, two cats, and a giant lap dog. Behavior Analyst of 14 years currently in a classroom under private contract.

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